Tax and Accounting Advice

Through a high commitment to our clients, both companies and self-employed, we help to avoid any type of errors in the presentation of taxes through the management of our economists and specialized tax advisors.


Accounting and Tax Advisory Services:


o Preparation of all taxes based on accounting,  Companies taxes, VAT, Special Taxes, Non-Residents.

o Personalized study and analysis for the income statement declaration optimizing the results of its presentation.

o Inspections, resources and tax reports.

o Management of requirements through the electronic notification service.

o Assistance, defense and representation in all types of tax procedures.

o Services of analysis and preparation of resources for tax records.

o Review of Transfer Pricing and related operations.

o Personal tax planning for your company, association, foundation.

o Preparation of accounting reports.

o Administration, management and financial planning related to tax debts.

o Management of tax postponements.

o Elaboration of tax audits.

o Preparation, presentation and deposit of annual accounts.

o Personal attention through meetings, telephone and email.


In addition to the services described above, “Anrada Asesores” offers the possibility of carrying out the Outsourcing service with your company. This consists of hiring a service that your company does not have and through this contract we will be happy to do it for you, be it financial , administration, negotiation or human resources areas. Therefore, we mobilize the necessary resources towards your company or as appropriate in each case, to perform the services contracted in the best way, either nationally or internationally. With all this, “Anrada Asesores” offers various benefits such as reducing the risk of your company or activity, an increase in the flexibility of your business, cost savings, continuous specialization and improvement, increased productivity and improved results, with the specific objective of achieving the well-being of your company and maximizing its benefits.