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“Anrada Asesores” has specialized personnel in Horizontal Property, offering complete advice to the community on issues related to this matter.

Within the accounting department, the management and development of the community will be facilitated in a computerized form based on the principles of the general accounting plan, commercial code and resolutions of the ICAC (accounting and auditing institute).

“Anrada Asesores” offers a completely personal and transparent care, through specific and specialized programs for Community management. We also take care of the management and request for debtors in the community, calls and Meeting of owners, with due specific advice from the administration in each case.

The administration makes available to the community, as well as to any owner who wishes it, a telephone number and assistance service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The  administration also makes available to  owners a web site specially designed for each community, where owners can consult the information at any time, such as Meeting calls, minutes, insurance providers and others. The administration  will complete its service with a weekly review; a person assigned especially for each community for the accounting management, remittances, with banks etc … will be available by telephone, assisting you in several languages, such as Spanish , English and French.



El acoso vecinal o blocking entre vecinos y a los miembros de los órganos de gobierno de una comunidad de propietarios