Asesoría de empresa multidiciplinar

Companies and Self-employed

Tax Advice

We take care of planning your fiscal year

Labor Advice

Labor consultants expert in human resources management in all areas.

Legal Advice

Specialist in legal advice……..

Accounting Advice

Management of total business control for decision making



In Anrada Asesores , we take care of planning your fiscal year so that you only pay what corresponds to you. We are tax experts in national and international taxation and consolidation groups. We carry out special works for those circumstances that require special attention and we accompany companies with their tax inspections. We also carry out tasks to help with the preparation, verification and presentation of self-assessments and informative declarations according to current regulations.

We have the most advanced tax advisory service for companies, SMEs and self-employed in Marbella. Our tax advisory service offers you the most appropriate solutions and high added value for your company, thanks to years of experience in study and preparation of tax returns for individuals and companies in Malaga.


We have expert labor consultants in human resources management in all areas. We have experts in processing of registrations, dismissals,  employment regulation files and conciliations with the competent administrations. We manage workers’ portfolio and we prepare supporting documentation for the accounting management of them. Definitely, employees management, commercial contracts and high management .


Anrada Asesores is  specialized in commercial legal advice although we work in tune with the tax department and the labor department so that our clients are always covered . Anrada Asesores provides advice for specific actions and carry out general tasks such as drafting contracts, advising on the purchase and sale of companies, fusion, scission   agreements as well as relations between partners.

Anrada Asesores has expert lawyers in  personal and business areas, they will offer you the most expert advice so that all situations always have the maximum legal guarantees throughout the Malaga province.


 We work to establish full control over the operations of the company. We take charge of implementing a standardized work mechanic so that our accounting advisors and our clients have at all times sufficient and relevant information about the management of the business to make decisions. We work so that the accounting of our clients offers useful and up-to-date information and so that they only have to worry about managing their activity.

Property Administration

More than 20 years experience in managing Communities.

  • Calling letters and Minutes management.
  • Personalized attention throughout the administration.
  • Intermediation with all agents.
  • Management of labor documents

Communities effective management

  • Management of Community of Owners, flats, garages, storage rooms, offices, industrial   polygon, Entity conservation , etc. Professional team able to solve almost the daily problems that a community may have will attend all community matters.
  • Advice: Tax, Labor, Accounting, Legal … Whatever the issue you need advice, our team will manage and give you the best solution in each case.
  • Management and inheritance processing.
  • Real estate assessments


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