Labor Advice

Within the services of the Department of Advice and Labor Management, our Advice Office will accompany you in any aspect, highlighting the following.

Labor Advice and Management:

o Payroll management and Social security.

o Contracts and bonus.

o Management of personnel registration and disregistration.

o Specification of retentions and taxes presentation.

o Labor inspections.

o Labor admonitions.

O Dismissal.

o Contracts.

o Retirement study and advice.

o Work disability.

o ERE and ERTE.

Labor and Legal Management:

o Business agreements.

o Establishment and creation of sanctioning regimes.

o Labor Audits.

o Business agreements and collective negotiation.

o Management and advice on business restructuring.

Foreign Services:

o Management of residence permits.

o Regulations.

o Management in obtaining nationality.

o Permit extensions.


If you can not find the service in the previous ones, please contact us through the contact page, we will be happy to help you.